Do Party Pants make me more attractive to the opposite sex?

There's only one way to find out... and you won't regret it. It will be the most fun you will have with your pants on!

Should I tag you in photos?

Yes! Please tag us in your Instagram and Facebook photos - we even have a photo of the month prize - Instagram - @partypantsbrand #thepartypants Facebook - Party Pants.

Can I get a discount for group orders?

Certainly. Do you have a bucks or hens party - group trip somewhere - beach wedding  - just send us an email info@thepartypants.com to arrange.

How did it all begin?

One hot summer's day in Sydney at a tropical themed birthday party on an island in Sydney harbour ... most 'blokes' were wearing jeans and 'Hawaiian shirts' ... there had to be more to life than denim when it was warm ... so Party Pants were created.

Where do the ideas for your designs come from?

Graphic artists all around the world - mostly who we find through Instagram. We are always looking for new artwork - if you want something made, are an artist or know a great artist - please reach out - info@thepartypants.com

Do you have any stockists?

Even though we are predominately are an online store shipping anywhere in the world, we also currently have a few stockists.  One in Sydney and one in Bali:

Sydney: Apex Shoes (Paddington) 

Bali: Finns Beach Club (Canggu)


Email us if you have any more questions: info@thepartypants.com